Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Don't You Forget About Me

I've been feeling the blogging itch lately. It's weird to come back to something I haven't even looked at in a year and a half.

I flipped through the list of blogs I followed to see what's going on there. A lot of these blogs are also on an indefinite hiatus. Many blogs I didn't even remember anything about. Some are just completely wiped off the face of the Internet. A few are going strong. I admire those few.

It looks like I last left off with a Quidditch post. Good old Quidditch. I actually went to the World Cup again in 2015. It was held in the same city I work in, so that was cool. I even coerced a coworker into attending both days and I think he liked it against his will. What's even better is that next year the World Cup is coming even closer to me. Go figure.

It's just been a crazy time. Most times are, though, aren't they?

I'm currently recovering from an upper respiratory infection. I haven't left the house in six days. My ears hurt, my throat hurts, I sound disgusting. On the bright side, I'm super hydrated because all I do is sit around and drink water and herbal teas. I've lost weight because I have no appetite (kinda an iffy bright side, but whatever).

Seriously, I felt so bad that I didn't even crochet for most of these six days. I don't remember talking about it much before but I'm really into crocheting and spend nearly every night working on a project or two. November is a pretty busy crochet month because I can pretty much make everyone on my Christmas list something out of yarn and not have to go into any other store but a craft store.

But I plateaued yesterday and today I'm on the upswing. Should be finishing up a commissioned baby blanket sometime this week.

Before being sick for a week, many other things have happened to keep me busy.

Last April I think, husband got a new job and moved in with his parents to be just fifteen minutes away from it. Then in May my mom needed a major surgery so I moved in with her to help out. The lease in our stupid apartment was up at the end of June so we had plenty of time to pack our apartment up and get it all stored away. My room at my mom's house decided to get moldy and my body wasn't feeling that, so now we're both in my husband's room at his parents' house.

I've still got my awesome IT job but I do more telecommuting now. It's been such a blessing. Our stress levels are much lower now, I think. We are much closer to our families and can help out when everyone's various medical conditions flare up. I don't think either of us imagined we'd be needed like this so early on but we're on board and holding steady. I know for me it's just a relief to know that if my mom ever needs me, I'm much closer and able.

I've probably been living a blogger's dream life when it comes to having life stories to blog about but I'm just not that into telling everyone my life like that. I'm a terrible blogger, what can I say?

new glasses, ooh la la

I'm making no promises about writing regularly again or getting super bloggy with the exchanges and linkups and such, but I'm still around!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quidditch World Cup VII

Best weekend ever.

We went to North Myrtle Beach to see the seventh Quidditch World Cup and it was crazy awesome. If you're new to the term, here's an explanation of the rules from the International Quidditch Association.

Quidditch is a co-ed contact sport with a unique mix of elements from rugby, dodgeball, and tag. A quidditch team is made up of seven athletes who play with brooms between their legs at all times. While the game can appear chaotic to the casual observer, once familiar with the basic rules, quidditch is an exciting sport to watch and even more exciting to play. 
Three chasers score goals worth 10 points each with a volleyball called the quaffle. They advance the ball down the field by running with it, passing it to teammates, or kicking it. Each team has a keeper who defends the goal hoops. Two beaters use dodgeballs called bludgers to disrupt the flow of the game by “knocking out” other players. Any player hit by a bludger is out of play until they touch their own goals. Each team also has a seeker who tries to catch the snitch. The snitch is a ball attached to the waistband of the snitch runner, a neutral athlete in a yellow uniform who uses any means to avoid capture. The snitch is worth 30 points and its capture ends the game. If the score is tied after the snitch catch, the game proceeds into overtime.

This was my first time seeing Quidditch in person but it was easy to catch on to how everything works. It's a very exciting sport to watch and much more dangerous than I expected. Some matches were actually hard to watch because the players were just so brutally physical.

In between watching the games, we wandered around and played mini golf, hit up a local comics store, and had lots of coffee and snacks.

feeding the psychotic fishes at Broadway at the Beach

butterbeer frappucino

Somehow we never actually made it to the beach but we enjoyed staring at it from our hotel window.

a pier being built nearby

There were eighty teams competing from around the world. Saturday was pool play and all of the teams played multiple games to see who would proceed to Sunday's bracket play. Most of the day there were eight games going on at any given time. Insane!

snitch yoga

Saturday's sunburn - hurt worse than it looks

After being outside all day Saturday, I had a bit of a burn. It didn't even look that bad honestly but it felt miserable. I have no tolerance for sunlight.

Sunday morning SIL made us breakfast -- chicken lo mein and breadsticks! Oh yeah.

Then we were off to see the games get even crazier. Sunday was high stakes crazy. During one of the semi-final games, play was paused twice for injuries that required the players taken out on boards with braced necks. Quidditch players wear little to no protective gear and it's a rough rough game. I couldn't believe how many injuries we watched happen over the weekend and they were more and more heartbreaking as the weekend went on. We saw lots of players walking around with bags of ice taped to body parts, using crutches, etc. I heard someone even broke their collarbone.

We watched the final game from the ground just inches away from the boundary line.

Not sure if the picture really shows how close we were. That line at the bottom is the field boundary and the three hoops in the upper left of the picture are the goals. We were as close as we could possibly be without being in the way.

It was such an experience and I hope that World Cup VIII comes back to SC next year so that we can be there again!

a bit of video from the beginning of the final match

a bit of video from right after UT Austin won the final

P.S. I got hit by a bludger during a match on Saturday. I'll brag about it always.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What have I been up to?

Well, I'm still not finding the energy to talk about myself enough to actually blog but I'll give it a try.

In the past couple of months, I've experienced some notable things.

Last month I gave blood for the second time in my life (I think?) and I passed out for the first time in my life. Not a fun experience. This week I got my donor card in the mail. Hope it was all worth it!

my view before passing out

In February, it snowed. A lot. I found ice piles for days and even a couple of weeks after all that snow came through.

March 1 - two weeks (ish?) after the snow

Remember all of that apartment plumbing drama from last summer? Yeah, it's still happening. As recently as last week, they've been coming in to "ensure that the plumbing repairs are complete". What kind of idiots did they hire? Seriously. Shouldn't you know when you've finished it? They keep saying they've found a problem they have to fix, drill holes in our walls/ceilings, leave a mess through our apartment. We've just come to accept it by now. The only thing we can do is move out and hopefully that'll be happening in a few months.

I can't wait to see the end of this lease. And I thought the last place we lived in sucked! Ha.

Last week we went to see a live show of Welcome to Night Vale, an awesome podcast that you should really check out. It was at a place called Motorco in Durham, NC. This show was definitely worth the drive. We saw WTNV last year in Greensboro, NC and this show was even more amazing. It was interactive and fascinating. It's definitely worth the drive!

Cecil Baldwin - WTNV

I'm trying to retell the past couple of months through pictures I have on my phone, so bear with me... Last week we also went to IKEA for the first time. I was dreading it because I know how huge it is and I slightly hate shopping most of the time. Also, it was kinda late in the day already and I'm definitely not a fun person once I'm tired. It is known.

SIL enjoying the chair selection

We were looking for a new bed frame, and of course the bedrooms are in the opposite corner of where you walk in. So we had to look at every freaking thing on the way there (I think we found a shortcut or two but still). And I had to want half of what I saw. Honestly, there's some pretty cool stuff in IKEA and if I had had room for additional furniture in this tiny apartment I probably would have actually bought more things.

Guess what we ended up walking out of IKEA with? I didn't intend on buying anything that day but it was getting late and raining outside and we had definitely had enough of the world by then. That place is a maze, if you didn't know, and we followed the stupid exit signs for what felt like forever before finally making it to the checkout area. As far as we could tell, there was no way to get out without buying anything. All of the empty registers were barred off and there was no empty space to get around them. You had to go through a checkout line. They were all fairly full and I felt silly standing in the checkout line without any items, so we grabbed a bag of colorful straws and a pack of tealight candles. Both things I wanted but probably wouldn't have bought if I could have gotten out of there some other way. Silly, I know.

husband making laundry detergent

Last week (apparently last week was a busy one) we also made another batch of our homemade laundry detergent. We last made this stuff in January 2013 and only just ran out. AMAZING. I'll have to calculate how much we spent on the ingredients but I'm certain it's cheaper than buying already made detergent. Plus, we can control what is in it. I follow the instructions I found at How Does She. This year's batch smells amazing. We used lavender scented fabric softener in the batch. I bet we could even make our own scents and incorporate them into the mix. Something to think about for next year!

Well, that just about catches us up. Long post with poorly lit cell phone pics. Just what everyone wanted. :)

What's been going on in the Internet? Who's blogging where? Tell me about all the new things.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sally Hansen's #TripleShine

Last night, I decided to try out another of the products I received complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes...

Sally Hansen's Triple Shine nail polish!

I love getting nail polishes in Influenster VoxBoxes, Birchboxes, etc. These Triple Shine polishes come in some really pretty colors. Mine's a dark deep sparkly blue.

I managed to paint all ten fingers with minor mishaps, which is a feat in itself. I only smeared one and didn't have the patience to go back and fix it... It's fairly glittery so I like to think that any smears or chips can be written off as the light glaring off my nail, yeah?

Having nicely painted nails is a small way to boost the mood, especially in the dreary cold months. I wish I had the patience/energy to try polish more often but I almost always bang a finger or two against something (or each other) and ruin my work.

Anyway, I was proud of my almost perfect work and even put on tinted lip balm for work today. I know, right? Really doing it up big lately.


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